cava 2016



August 31, September 1-2 2016
Event place: Fundaciòn Universitaria Tecnològico Comfenalco - Auditorio Cedesarrollo.


CAVA 2016

VIII International Conference of Adaptive and Accessible Virtual Learning Environment.
Open Educational Resources, an opportunity to promote inclusion.

The CAVA 2016 conference renews its goal of being the most important Latin American forum in which scientists, professionals and students exchange ideas and share their research results in the domain of Inclusive and Adaptive Learning. CAVA covers issues related to the impact that information and communication technology have had as connecting systems in competency-based training processes, and considered the impact of inclusion processes for people with special needs entering into the education system.

The conference emphasizes the use of accessible and adaptive Virtual Learning Environments as a mechanism to enhance the effectiveness of training processes, in both business and Higher Education institutions.


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Juan Pavón

Juan Pavón is a Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (UCM) as well as the director of the UCM-GRASIA research group, which consists of more than 20 researchers. His main line of work is the application of Software Engineering methods and tools for the development of applications that make use of Artificial Intelligence techniques.
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Engineer, teacher, researcher and popularizer technology. Alma mater and promoter of the project Augmented reality and Virtual Education of Educación de la Asociación Espiral, Educación y Tecnología.
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PhD. In Informatics. Department of Telematics Engineering. University of Vigo, Spain. Master in Engineering. Field Telematics. Department of Telematics. University of Cauca Colombia.
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María Rosangela Bez

Graduated in Bachelor in Computer Science from the University Feevale (2007), Masters in Education at the Graduate Program in Education of the UFRGS (2010). PhD at the Graduate in Computer Science Program in Education of UFRGS (2014). It operates in research projects on autism, communication deficits, inclusion, accessibility, teacher training.
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Professor of Economics, active in secondary school and FP since 2003. Business Administration and Management from the University of Girona. Professor in the Master of Accounting and Tax Law at the University of Barcelona, 2014 and 2015 editions. Former teachers in the field of Education and Technology, face and online modalities.